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As a BTN call centre banking client  , it can be a solution when you have a problem. It’s not uncommon to solve thorny problems in banking management using just one call without the customer needing to come to the branch office.

Customers don’t just call consumers when they face complaints. These facilities can be used by customers to negotiate or question account creation problems. Some even benefit from it to find the latest information in a bank.

It is not uncommon for a BTN call centre to be a solution to different types of complaints.   You can negotiate a loan until the ATM problem disappears.

However, few customers do not know the customer service number. This has caused some people to find it difficult to file complaints with the Bank. Here’s how to contact the BTN-owned call center that customers can contact.

BTN Central Contact Number 2021

BTN’s central call is one of the services provided to customers to resolve complaints about banking services. By dialing 1 500 286, customers will be connected directly to btn bank’s customer service.

A BTN call centre can file your complaint for a full 24 hours. So when there is an out-of-hours problem, the customer can still make the call. For example, when you lose merchandise and ATMs come too. Then just call the number to do the management.

Simple cases such as deposit confirmations and ATM loss reports can be resolved directly without having to come to the branch office. So if you withdraw the ATM loss, the customer can simply come to the office to pick up the ATM now without having to do the management process.

For calls speed and accuracy issues, customers should be patient if they do so during working hours. The phone is likely to line up in the queue when several people call at once. You can avoid this by making a phone call when working hours are over.

As a smart customer, you must register your contact number for the center. Because when there is a problem with your savings , the first step to do is to dial the number.

How much does btn call center cost to customers

Call services can be performed by anyone, whether customers or non-customers. The cost of the call is certainly not free and must be borne by sterling.

For some things, calls can be expensive but they can be free. If you have a phone bonus on the number, it is possible that when you contact BTN Bank, there is no fee. But when the work is long and long , you have to set up more credit.

Technically, the BTN call center is free, but the caller still charges a call fee from the telecom operator.

Customers with savings at BTN bank will also not be subject to a savings balance deduction when making this call. So don’t worry about making consumer calls because the bank won’t charge a fee. The telecommunications operator that is committed to saving you phone costs.

Typically, customers are reluctant to make calls because they fear their savings balance will be deducted when making a call. This is certainly not true because the bank will not do so. The customer has the right to call when there is a problem with his account.

The sooner you report a problem, the bank can deal with it quickly. Banking problems that allow it to continue are usually more difficult to solve. So as a wise customer you should be quick to report if there is a discrepancy.

BTN Syariah’s latest call centre number in 2021

As one of BTN’s strategic business units, consumer call numbers are the same as traditional BTN. If you have savings at BTN syariah Bank and would like to make a complaint call, please call 1 500 286. When you contact him, you will be transferred to the Shariah section.

The cost of calls to the customer also varies depending on the operator of that customer’s telecommunications service provider. So you can pay a fee or it’s free depending on your phone account.

BTN syariah’s call centre also serves consumer calls for 24 hours even outside working hours. So you don’t have to worry when making out-of-hours calls when there’s an account problem. Customer service will also continue to serve your needs as effectively as possible.

It should be noted that this customer service will be used by many customers. So you have to be patient when there’s a comment on your call. The server may be full because there are a lot of customers calling the bank. If this happens repeat again for a while.

The highly recommended hour to make a call if you want the line to be quiet is 6 pm. At this time, few customers usually have made consumer calls. So you can make calls to customer service faster.

Never hesitate to complain to the bank. The customer is entitled and must report immediately when there is an irregularity in his account. The safety and comfort of customers is fully guaranteed by the bank so feel free to report your complaints.

Other numbers that can be contacted alongside the BTN call center

In addition to using the  BTN Bank  Call Center, you can also use the official phone number of some branches. If you make a call on this line, the alignment capability will be lower. Branch numbers can also be used to resolve issues more quickly.

Contact a branch in your city if you already have an emergency complaint such as a missing ATM or a scam. Customers can get more serious services if they call the branch office number.  You can get the number by coming directly to the office or dialing the central contact number.

It should be understood that the branch office phone is used only for emergency purposes for the branch client. So be sure to  call the same branch as a savings account. For example, if you have savings in the Sukolilo Surabaya branch, make a call at the branch.

If you make a call at a different branch, the customer may be redirected to call another branch. It is done naturally by the bank to keep consumer calls effective. If you accumulate too many connections, the service will not be perfect.

Banking problems are actually very simple and easy to solve if the customer is using the right way.  Don’t worry if there is an error or problem with your savings account. Just call the BTN call centre  to report the complaint or come directly to the nearest branch office.

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