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The home credit call centre is used free of charge 24 hours a day , which is very useful for consumers, as part of the provider’s support to solve their various problems. Home Credit itself has a large number of consumers in Indonesia, and the problems with a large number of consumers are certainly different.  “There are problems.

It is difficult to resolve this problem if all these consumers have to come to the office. “If the problem is even smaller.” Such activities are limited even during the pandemic. The difficulties faced by consumers are normal. That is why home credit is still developing.

This development certainly affects many of the features offered by the provider. It is therefore mandatory to  contact  the home credit call centre 24 hours a day for free. In fact, there are some disadvantages that consumers will feel, if they are not contacted. To learn more, the following are the problems that may arise.


Potential problems are linked to the use of the application. Now the provider has provided a mobile-based application to make it easier for its customers. The app already has 90 percent of its services available. Therefore, unused and still using the manual method will be harmful.

As you can avoid this loss by calling  the Home Credit Call Centre for free 24 hours a day, CS will explore further the importance of using the application and the various facilities for using it. In fact, when you already know about the application, there are many problems that still exist.

The first issue relates to how to install and update. It’s really easy to install the application. However, some people who don’t know how to use gadgets now have to be a little harder. You cannot use this application either if you have not updated to the latest version.

Therefore, the update process must be carried out every time an update arrives. The problem will be resolved  by contacting  the 24-hour free home credit call centre, because the call centre provides full guidance on both issues, which can help CS, which are also related to registration issues.

After owning the application, registration must first be made until the consumer has his own account. The application usually encounters the greatest difficulty in using it when it is registered. The completeness of the data must be prepared at this stage. This is because this registration requires excellent input data.

In addition to data input, password creation also has characteristics. You must create a password according to the features requested by the application. If you feel difficulties in registering, you  can go a long way in resolving the issue by contacting  the free home credit call centre 24 hours a day.


Still, with regard to the use of this application, its existence as an online payment medium is the main function. With this payment medium, there will be someone who can make payments without the need to come directly to the office. However, you have to be very careful when making payments through the application.

The money spent has now been lost without paying the wrong payment. If you feel the payment you’re making is really unacceptable, it’s  very appropriate to call the 24-hour credit home call centre free of charge, and you’ll be able to contact him and give him full guidance on the payment.

Additionally, there is a special option when you want to install more than one installation. Of course, what needs to be done is different from paying using just one installation. The CS can also explain this in detail. In fact,  one of the problems  with this payment is the non-issuance of proof of payment.

The most common evidence of payments in general is direct payments to the consumer via SMS. If you can’t get this proof of payment, you can’t claim if there’s ever a system error and even a bill. It is clearly very damaging if you have to pay twice.

Therefore, if you do not get proof of transfer, you  must immediately call  the 24-hour credit home call centre toll-free – and if you pay with an additional nominal, you must contact him to explain the incident and explain how you will get more money back.


Consumers are also obliged to have information on contract data. Contract data contains a number of personal data that are important in nature. One such important data is like a contract number. When making payments, this contract number needs to be entered in the given field.

In addition to the contract number, other information, such as the number of remaining installations, will also be available from the contract information. If you lose your copy, it may be an option to  contact  the free home credit call centre 24 hours a day, and  you can contact him to get detailed contract information.

However, the CS side needs to have the necessary contract information. Typically, CS will ask some personal questions to make sure you’re a borrowing party. Therefore, prepare personal data in advance. If you do not respond correctly, you will not be able to obtain contract information.

Home Credit also offers its customers a lot of promos. The promo is generally large and will greatly benefit its customers. However, consumers are often not informed about the existence of promos. “If we know that this is obviously harmful, we will make a huge profit.”

If you call the call centre, you will definitely be able to overcome the problem of not knowing promo. The provider will therefore provide full information about promo. There is no need to hesitate to contact CS just to apply for promo. This is therefore one of his duties.

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It’s really easy to call  the 24-hour free home credit call centre, you  can call him on 021-2953-9600, call centre service is active 24 hours a day, but for the fastest answer, you can also contact the number during working hours.

CS availability during working hours is much higher, so the response will be faster. Calling yourself is the best way to raise problems and complaints. Communication can be provided in two straight directions by contact. But if you don’t want to call by phone, email can be an option.

The email QA service is provided via home credit at the address When he contacted him by email, he certainly wouldn’t be able to respond as quickly as he could by phone. That is why CS should first try typing until the best answer is given. In Indonesia, too, it appears unusual to communicate via email.

Upon learning of this, home credit provides official services via Facebook. Question and answer services are provided on Facebook via Facebook Messenger. By contacting CS via Facebook, it needs to be easier because you know how much you use it. This could be used as a last resort to pour in the case.

Don’t act as before and don’t be indifferent to having a call centre. As mentioned above, there are many issues that can be felt if you don’t contact him. Besides,  it’s  really easy to call the home credit call centre 24 hours free of charge.

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