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5 ways to check the Smartfren Credit and Card Active period

Reading five ways to check smartphone credit and reading 5 ways to check  the active  period of the card is important to users of this well-known provider in Indonesia. There has been huge demand and popularity in Indonesia since the release of the first products of the products.This supplier’s products have spread widely across various parts of Indonesia.

To make it attractive to the public, this provider offers a variety of conveniences, as well as a considerable amount of smartphone Increasingly, all circles from the bottom to the upper middle class also want to use smart francs.

5 benefits of Smartfren  provider

5 ways to check smartphone credit and cardboard periods are very important for users not to escape gratitude time. Since its inauguration in Shanghai, the population has been enthusiastic, and this provider has also spread its wings to various directions.

  1. Super Cheper

Everyone will want to find a business and business provider, and if  you’re looking for a sponsor with these benefits, SmartFren is the answer. the cheapest rationing option is offered for all circles.


Well, all parties seem to be able to do the active period of the card in 5 ways to check the  smartphone credit.” Some people are now starting to turn to Smarfren, but once they prove themselves, they feel addicted to the term.


  1. Signals could disappear automatically

Is the automatic missing signal one of the negative consequences? That’s not the case; the fact that the signal can   automatically  disappear  is itself an advantage on this card.  For example, if you leave  home, you do  not need to turn off the data package, but the signal will automatically disappear when you enter a difficult area.


  1. Very economic

The ultimate advantage of this cool provider is that it is very economical, and when you use this card, you can get a lot of benefits in cheap and business model, and you  can still enjoy the Internet without having to worry about rationing while waiting for a payday.

5 ways to check the Smartfren Credit and Card Active period

Be in debt so that you can always enjoy the benefits of this provider, otherwise you may block the number and regret it, and how do I check my debt balance and active period?

  1. Insert file

Of the five ways to check the active period of the smartphone and the card, enter  + 999. You can press the Kemud Ian, call button immediately. The screen will display some of the remaining debt from the card inside the phone.


  1. SMS

The way to check the smartphone credit and the active period of this card  is to open the  messaging application  . Type the word CEK and type SMS, and then send it to number 999.


  1. Operating Phone

If you don’t want to be confused, you can listen directly to the active period of the number by calling, in addition to the remaining debt.99  5 ways to check  your smartphone credit and your card’s active period will really help you.


  1. Use the program

As an elite provider, SmartFren also has the Mysmartfren application. If you want to use it, download it  first  . The application can receive a lot of information, including the remaining credit and the active period of the card.


  1. Website

Visit the website for 5 ways to check Smartfren credit and card active period. Here you can enter the password  by email to retract the account  first. You can check your nose when re-entering.

The five methods above can be easily attempted, right? The above method also applies when you check the active grace of the card. The amount of credit will appear with the card’s active period and duration of gratitude.

Data on the number of nipples and the active timing will help every user know what to do if it really logs in during the Grace period If so, you can prevent it from being blocked by debt as quickly as possible, so you must do it regularly and repeatedly.

How to extend Smartfen’s active life

 Suddenly,   unwanted things can happen when you don’t have five ways to check your credit and card’s active period. After that, you already have a lot of contacts: relatives and colleagues, so if the numbers really matter in life, that will make you somewhat worried.

There are only 1  suggestions to avoid this problem  : the only way to do this, by doing so, increasing your active hours, reducing your risk of being blocked, and  you will be able to use  it  at any time.

When your favorite card enters the grace limit, repay your debt, and you have not yet been able to take other approaches, such as active periods or debt transfers. In fact, there is nothing to lose in climbing the credit climb, right?

Redundancy can be done in both the Grace era and the active period, and the addition of the active period can depend on the credit you purchase.

  1. Price 5,000 additional 7 days
  2. Price of 10,000 additional 15 days
  3. 20 and 25 thousand prices added 30 days
  4. 50,000 price supplements add 60 days
  5. 60,000 additional 75 days of prices
  6. Price 100 Additional Days 120 Additional Days
  7. Prices add 150 to 200 days to 150 days

How to Make a Dead Smart Fran

Doing five ways to check the active period of the  card will help you avoid a card; there is a way to make it when the card is actually dead and you still need it most.

The card will enter a grace period split in two phases.

  1. The only roadblock

When you enter a 30-day gratitude limit, it can be a one-way or one-way block, and if so, you can’t go out on the phone, but you can get texts and incoming phones.


  1. Two-way closure

Once this happens, you can use the card completely, making it impossible to want the Internet, texting, or calling outside.

In that case, don’t rush to throw away the card if you still really need it, and come to your city’s nearest Smartfren outlet, where the card is reactivated Conditions are easy, make your KTP, KK, payments, and it hasn’t passed more than 3 months since the grace period.

Smart French is the most interesting provider to use in Indonesia, and it can have many benefits when using it. Always check the active  period of the card, and use five ways to check the credit and the active period of the card above .

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